Monday, October 27, 2008

TreeHugger loves the GOP? [Thumbs Down]

After a fellow Green in the Face writer forwarded me an article on TreeHugger about a Buddhist temple built out of beer bottles, I was compelled to forward this to my Buddhist father. This went according to plan, until I saw something I never in my life expected to see. Maybe I don't read TreeHugger enough to know where they stand on the presidential election, I thought I could make an educated assumption, but perhaps I was wrong. Below you will find the screen shots of the GOP ads running on TreeHugger right now!

Not only are they ads from the Republican National Committee, but they are the ads that without a doubt piss me off the most!

I'll give TH the benefit of the doubt that these ads are syndicated and they probably don't realize they are running, but they should! Green in the Face has been victim to unwanted ads as well. For example, the time when Fox News had a leaderboard ad on our lovely page. But, if Green in the Face were owned by Discovery Communications (as TH is), would we even needs ads? If we did, wouldn't we have enough control over the situation to actively pick which products, services, or POLITICAL PARTIES run on our site? You're damn right we would!

Here's the entire clip that you may be subject to while on TH:

Update 3:19pm - Forgot to mention that we did write to TH to bring this to their attention. We encourage others to do the same. Thanks gardenparty for the support!


gardenparty said...

you should send a comment to TH, as will i, explaining the mixed message they are sending. and talk about the environmental differences between the two candidates (drill baby drill, for one).

Sebastian said...

Yeah I'll write them something! That's just weird. I would hope they don't know that's up there, TH is one of my favorite sites.

What a disappointment.

green is the new black said...

wow. that's really unacceptable. i wonder if they even know it was running. they must have gotten loads of emails already ... mine being one of them.

Chris Tackett said...


Thanks for your concern. We are aware of this and I can assure you it was a mistake with a third-party ad provider, as you presumed.

TreeHugger aims to be non-partisan and normally rejects all political party ads. This one just slipped through. With more than 5million page views per month, it's something that occasionally happens.

We're working on a fix now.

Thanks again,
Chris Tackett